Anyone here willing to foster/adopt a feral cat?

We call her Wild Queen Mab )

If not, perhaps you'd consider a kitten or two?

Wild Queen Mab's Motley Brood )

Maybe you could help some other way? )

A video (takes a bit to load; sorry!) from when they were much younger (complete with inaccurate sexing!). We don't have a camera and the vidcam quit soon after that video was made, unfortunately.

All are available for visits 10am-8pm on Saturday, 12am-6pm Sunday, and as convenient during the week. Leave a comment or email me (jgmckelvy, gmail) to set up appointments &/or get more info on anything.

Details on how they came to stay with us... )

Re-post/share this anywhere you like - any good people who want to give a great home to deserving kitties are welcome to inquire!

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