grace: (Baltasar)
( Apr. 13th, 2010 01:09 pm)
[For those who said the other one was too long to share, here's a better set of ads which link to CL; our deepest gratitude to [ profile] aeryn42 for 1) adopting the sweet Grey Tabby (now known as "Ping Pong") and 2) getting updated snapshots of the other kittens!]

Feral mama cat & tame kittens need homes ASAP! Please, please spread the word - they're all extremely ready to be in new surroundings! RESCUES are welcome to contact us!

Pics & details in craigslist ads:
Wild Queen Mab
Brown Tabby Girl
Cream Tabby Boy

[ETA: the little calico went to her new home this evening! she's going to be an indoor/outdoor kitty in the country and it seems like she'll be well loved. good luck, lil Ewok!]

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