The promised video of l'bebe kittehs!

[Upfront Edit: maturation supplied better sexing of the kitties - oops! :D The dark tabby is definitely a girl.]

If you know *anyone* who wants a kitten AND can afford the full vetting these little ones need (~$100 each for exams, tests, shots, and worming @ Animal Trustees of Austin ASAP, then $30-$40 for sterilising in a few months), they are absolutely looking for homes even now and we highly recommend vetting before they head out to their new home, since they've never been tested/treated.

Or if you'd like to pitch in for these things to guarantee best health & homes, that's cool, too - just let me know via comments or email (jgmckelvy, gmail). We also would like to get the same checks for Queen Mab, and spaying her would definitely be a good idea...she might need to be returned to the outside, and I can't do that in good conscience if she's not spayed. [thanks to [ profile] corwynofamber!] Other things we could use help with would be food ($30) & litter ($20), as this adventure has outstripped the supplies we laid in for our own kitties and we're running out of both for everyone.

(i've been asked for paypal info - same email as above; please indicate what you're wanting to help with: kitten vetting, mama vetting, supplies; when each is fulfilled, i'll cross 'em out; overage will be refunded. i'm not sure what option to pick in the drop-down other than it shouldn't be "goods & services". all senders who include address get thank-you card with a pic of the kitties as soon as i have postal funds :D)

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